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Insights Introductory Hypnotherapy
Course Materials and Fees

This course covers a wide range of basic hypnosis skills with a focus on personal growth and also learning how to work with others to help them reduce stress. Related areas such as Hawaiian Shamanism and meditation are also covered. This course is not a certificate course and does not purport to train people to be in any type of private practice; however, successful students will receive a letter of completion.

Successful students will also receive a credit equivalent to the amount they have paid for either our basic or diploma training. In addition, students also receive credit for the material covered. This course can be started at anytime from anywhere. We have purposely kept the course fee low so it can be accessible to virtually anyone who has an interest in this fascinating field. Most people have a distorted view of what the field of hypnotherapy involves. Sometimes, even after reading or watching videos about hypnotherapy we might still not grasp how flexible and creative we can be in ourselves and in helping others. This course, although basic in nature, imparts skills to our students beyond what they might have expected to learn.

Insight's Students receive access to our student guideline page which contains everything needed to complete this course including:

27 page Course Manual

Student guideline (including step by step instructions)

Instructional Videos


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